October 07, 2020: Following the news that travel restrictions in South Africa would be easing from October 1, the Chapman Freeborn OBC team received an urgent request to deliver a hand-carry shipment from Chicago to Johannesburg via Frankfurt.

The first challenge the team had to face was to find a courier who could travel from US into Europe. Using the Chapman Freeborn OBC vast network, an experienced courier with Swiss citizenship who was living in New York was chosen for the operation.

A second challenge that the team came up against, was to find a courier based in Germany with a negative PCR test and sufficient health insurance. One of the most experienced couriers within the team's global network was selected for the onward journey.

It took less than 36 hours to deliver the shipment from door-to-door, considering travel restrictions only being lifted hours before the second flight left Frankfurt Airport, and a total of 15 flights arriving into Johannesburg that day - an operation done by the Chapman Freeborn OBC team.

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