November 10, 2017: In a latest development, Bolloré Logistics which recently acquired one of its agents - Comet International Freight Services LLC has been rebranded as Bolloré Logistics Oman. The acquisition is seen as a strategic move to help Bolloré consolidate its logistics services across Oman.

Established since 1985 in the Sultanate of Oman, Comet has a diversified business portfolio, however it specialises in handing healthcare, automotive and oil & gas industries.

On the other hand, Bolloré which manages a broad spectrum of industrial projects in Oman is also exploring avenues to expand its portfolio by venture into the aerospace, defense and retail sector.

According to reports, its Omani office is currently being used as a partial gateway/transshipment point for shipments to Qatar.

A leader in international transport & logistics, Bolloré Logistics has evolved one of the top 10 transport and logistics companies in the world having largest integrated logistics network in Africa.

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