July 24, 2020: CSafe Global has partnered with Cloudleaf to design a custom digital visibility platform to support its air cargo track and trace technology as well as digital tracking for parcel and cell & gene packaging solutions. CSafe is now partnering with select pharmaceutical customers to conduct live user acceptance testing of the new platform before ultimately launching it in Q4.

CSafe has been developing and implementing track and trace technology into RKN and RAP containers for nearly two years. As part of the initiative, the company wanted to select a software partner with a robust digital visibility platform that could be customised to their needs.

“Our team worked for many months evaluating the right partner for our new track and trace product offering,” revealed Tom Weir, chief operating officer for CSafe Global. “In Cloudleaf we found a strategic partner who shares common values, has a world-class management team, a modern software architecture, a visionary product road map, and laser like focus on the customer. The synergies between CSafe and Cloudleaf are powerful and compelling. Together we will provide real-time visibility for life-saving products shipped everyday around the world in CSafe Air Cargo, Parcel and Cell and Gene products. This innovative solution will unleash tremendous value for our customers and most importantly ensure that patients receive the medications they need 100 percent of the time.”

Cloudleaf is a leader in next generation supply chain solutions, providing continuous visibility and intelligence from materials through to customer delivery. Cloudleaf solutions deliver the artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities CSafe requires along with a highly customisable cloud-based platform and dedicated team of highly skilled professionals at every level of the organisation.

“We are excited to partner and innovate with CSafe to offer their customers a powerful cold chain solution that combines CSafe’s state-of-the-art thermal shipping solutions with our digital visibility platform,” said Mahesh Veerina, CEO of Cloudleaf. “Now, armed with real-time visibility into the world's most critical medical shipments, CSafe customers and support staff have 24/7 access to monitor every shipment and intervene if necessary. With this real-time visibility, CSafe’s customers can dramatically improve their cold chain success rates while expanding their reach into new and remote geographies.”

CSafe has already upgraded 20 active containers with active sensors and successfully integrated them with the Cloudleaf platform. The team has completed multiple successful pilot shipment tests to verify hardware performance and integration viability.

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