May 22, 2020: DHL Global Forwarding has launched its digital road freight platform Saloodo! to shippers and transport providers in Uganda, connecting the country to its growing digital network on the African continent as reported by IT News Africa.

In November 2019, Saloodo! launched its platform in South Africa, bringing the first digital road freight platform to the region. The intuitive and simple-to-use digital solution was first launched in 2017 in Germany and is represented in the Netherlands and Poland, and the Middle East.

With a total road network of over 129 000 kilometres, almost 95 percent of cargo freight in the country relies almost entirely on road transportation.

“A robust logistic network will create the foundation for local businesses to succeed, and enhance trade. With the introduction and integration of a digital platform like Saloodo!, a more efficient logistics sector would increase Uganda’s potential for economic diversification and growth,” said Tobias Maier, CEO of Saloodo! Middle East and Africa.

Every section of the Ugandan economy requires transport and logistics services including raw materials producers, manufacturing, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers.

The launch of Saloodo! in Uganda hopes to inject greater transparency and efficiency to the country and regional road network by providing real-time visibility, enabling shippers to identify trusted and reliable freight carriers in Uganda and several neighbouring countries. This will in turn help carriers manage existing fleets and optimise capacity with full-truckload shipments.

“Digital transformation is a top priority for the industry and this push for digitalisation will further enhance trade efficiency and help businesses to grow,” concluded Maier.

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