August 30, 2019: DHL Express has launched a mobile app in eight African countries, and is planning to make it live for 40 more countries by the end of 2020. The app facilitates tracking and faster delivery and the growing demand for mobile services in sub-Saharan Africa drives further innovation.

DHL Express has announced the launch of an innovative mobile platform that will allow its customers in sub-Saharan Africa to track and coordinate the delivery of their shipments with greater ease and convenience.

According to Hennie Heymans, CEO of DHL Express sub-Saharan Africa, "The DHL Express mobile app is part of DHL Express' ongoing commitment to drive innovations that enhance the customer experience. The app is an exciting new addition to our service offering in sub-Saharan Africa and has been launched in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Tanzania and Uganda, and will be rolled out in a further 40 countries across the region by the end of 2020."

Heymans explained that the app offers a number of key benefits to customers, allowing them to access valuable features on the move. "Customers can access accurate shipping quotations, find their closest DHL service points for easy collections and deliveries and of course, track their shipments in real-time. Embracing digitalisation is the name of the game when it comes to enhancing customer experience and we are excited to introduce yet another exciting mobile application to our customers across the region."

A report by GSMA Intelligence revealed that mobile phones and services are enabling business growth in Africa. The mobile ecosystem has made a significant contribution to the economy in sub-Saharan Africa so far, with an economic value contribution of $110 billion, equivalent to 7.1 percent of the region's GDP in 2017.

He added that it is not only about new technology, but also a different mindset and culture. "Our customers are constantly evolving and changing the ways that they communicate, work, travel and consume, so we need to ensure that we are providing them with solutions that are agile enough to adapt to their changing needs."

With online transactions growing exponentially in Africa, Heymans observed that there is a clear demand for integrated mobile solutions that allow customers to transact whenever and wherever they are.

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