September 29, 2020: Effective September 28, Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) in association with its sales agent Air Canada has executed a letter of intent (LoI), with Nairobi-based Astral Aerial Solutions.

“We are honoured to co-operate with Drone Delivery Canada, and to learn from their experience in providing innovative drone-based logistics platforms in Canada that can be applied in Africa. The Canadian technology can benefit various sectors in Africa especially in healthcare and accessibility to remote communities,” said Sanjeev Gadhia, chief executive officer of Astral Aerial Solutions and Astral Aviation.

As per the LoI, the parties shall cooperate and work jointly with the local regulator (Kenya Civil Aviation Authority) and identify and analyse market opportunities in Kenya for DDC’s drone delivery solution with the intent to work towards a definitive agreement for that market.

“As our first international opportunity, we are pleased to be working with Astral Aerial towards an agreement for DDC’s drone logistics solution in Kenya. There are numerous potential applications from traditional last-mile cargo to mining, oil & gas, healthcare, humanitarian aid and infrastructure inspection services. Astral Aerial’s parent company, Astral Aviation has a global, award-winning reputation and we look forward to a commercial relationship with them,” said Michael Zahra, president & CEO of DDC.

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