DSV has partnered with AfriGIS to leverage AfriGIS's geocoding technology.

DSV now achieves unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in delivering thousands of packages daily, meeting the expectations of an increasingly demanding market, says an official release from AfriGIS.

“A geo-enabled API significantly improves the accuracy of address information, which is particularly important for businesses like DSV that rely on accurate location data,” says Marna Roos, Senior Account Manager, AfriGIS.

Handling more than 1.8 million parcels each month, DSV operates across more than 1,600 towns and cities spanning South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, and Swaziland, the release added.

"The rise of online retail in South Africa, crossing the R50 billion ($2.6 billion) mark in 2022, has fuelled the need for accurate, timely deliveries. With heightened customer expectations, making successful first-time deliveries has become pivotal in shaping consumers' perception of businesses." Inaccurate addresses have long plagued the logistics industry, causing failed deliveries, reattempts, manual address validation costs, and extensive customer support, the release added.

AfriGIS provided DSV with a tailored solution - its API cleans, standardises, verifies, and validates addresses, delivering precise latitude and longitude coordinates, streamlining DSV's operations.

Johan Roos, Senior Information Technology Manager, DSV says: “By ensuring accurate first-time deliveries, addressing challenges, and optimising routing, DSV has seen a significant improvement in first-time deliveries. AfriGIS's geolocation API AfriGIS Search utilises master address data and AI to correct and enhance address accuracy, paving the way for efficient last-mile deliveries.”

AfriGIS works with more than 100 employees in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town in South Africa, Dublin in Ireland and Dhaka in Bangladesh.

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