The African delivery service company Kwik announced the launch of its on-demand warehousing and fulfilment service KwikShelf with its first e-commerce fulfillment center at Iddo House, Lagos.

KwikShelf is a 1,150 sqm facility located in Iddo House, Oyingbo in the centre of Lagos. From this safe, secure, and central location, Nigerian merchants will be able to book warehousing space on-demand and entirely outsource the storage and fulfilment of their inventory in a scalable, affordable, and efficient manner.

“KwikShelf will enable Nigerian businesses and merchants to position their fast-moving inventories at the heart of Lagos and to deliver orders to their customers in record time. Whether you need one square meter or a hundred, for a month or for a year, KwikShelf will give you the required flexibility and will ensure your products reach your customers at kwik speed. And no more fixed costs” declared Kwik’s CEO Romain POIROT-LELLIG.

“KwikShelf is a groundbreaking project mixing e-commerce and commercial real estate in Nigeria. We are delighted that a key part of A.G. Leventis Nigeria’ commercial real estate portfolio is warehousing this” declared Seun ONI, CEO of A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Limited, owner of Iddo House.

KwikShelf aims to develop up to 20 e-commerce fulfillment centers in large Nigerian cities to address the fast-growing demand for flexible warehousing & fulfillment solutions in the country. Its fulfillment services are fully integrated with Kwik’s award-winning last-mile delivery service.

“While the rise of e-commerce in Nigeria has taken longer than expected, e-commerce transactions are starting to take over offline transactions at Kwik. This is consistent with rising living and transportation costs. Supply-chains are scrambling for efficiency and KwikShelf is ideally positioned to enable this” declared Yinka OLAYANJU, cofounder & COO of Kwik.

Kwik was founded in 2018 by Romain POIROT-LELLIG, Iyeyinka OLAYANJU, and Olivier DECROCK in Lagos to create a one-stop-shop digital platform for logistic services in Africa. The company connects delivery partners and warehouse owners with merchants and businesses and also provides financial and payment services to its customers.

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