Floship and Zonos have recently announced that they have partnered to provide the logistics industry's most comprehensive e-commerce fulfillment solution that incorporates the presentation, payment, and collection of duties and taxes for cross-border e-commerce shipments.

Manually intensive processes such as handling duty and tax calculation and collection, are an unavoidable part of buying, selling, and shipping goods internationally. By joining forces, Floship's and Zonos' comprehensive solution enables e-commerce merchants and logistics service providers to drastically reduce late or rejected shipments by automating many of these labor-intensive processes.

In today's competitive e-commerce fulfillment environment, it's essential that consumers have full visibility over duties and taxes, shipments arrive on time and international DDP does not impact the delivery experience. Floship and Zonos realized that combining their efforts to create a solution generates a competitive synergy for the e-commerce market, delivering a collective value not found elsewhere.

According to a recent trade digitalization study by McKinsey and Company, companies could save up to $6.5 billion in direct costs while enabling $40 billion in global trade by digitizing trade documentation—a traditionally paper-intensive and resource-consuming process. Moreover, automating prepayment and the standardization of digitized documentation globally creates a new facet of efficiency and productivity to the normally cumbersome process.

Aditya Halan, Floship's Chief Technology Officer commented, "We're always fine-tuning our technological offering to empower our e-commerce brands to have a competitive edge whilst ensuring that their customers have the most optimal delivery experience possible. By partnering with Zonos, we have effectively digitized traditionally manually intensive and time-consuming processes of the supply chain which has propelled both our organizations forward towards achieving our mutual goal of redefining the traditional linear supply chain."

One of the initial advantages of the partnership that e-commerce retailers will be able to leverage to create a seamless duties and taxes collection and payment experience is by synchronizing their Zonos Landed Cost guarantee service with their Floship account by API.

"Consumers have long felt frustrated with the inadequacy of a Merchant to provide an accurate landed cost and the ability for a consumer to pre-pay duties and taxes for a seamless delivery experience," said Tawnee Steinke, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Zonos. "We are excited to announce our integration capabilities with Floship and provide this joint offering to their merchants and customers worldwide. This inclusive cross-border enablement solution pairs landed cost transparency with customizable logistics options."

Floship's global circular supply chain ecosystem solutions cover all aspects of the global supply chain, ensuring minimal operation effort for e-commerce businesses, and allowing business owners to concentrate on driving growth with investment flexibility while gaining peace of mind.

Meanwhile Zonos is on a mission to create trust in global trade with API and plugin technology that allows ecommerce and logistics companies to simplify and scale their international business processes. Zonos is decreasing barriers for businesses to sell across borders and for carriers to offer seamless international services to make global markets more accessible to everyone.

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