Nov 6, 2019: The cargo affiliate of EgyptAir, EgyptAir Cargo will introduce Descartes Velocity Mail (vMail) to its operations in a bid to streamline and modernise mail shipment visibility across its international network.

Canada-based Descartes’ cloud-based software will help the carrier’s customers to track the end-to-end shipment of their mail seamlessly. When a shipment order has been placed, vMail will automatically upload the information to a central database. EgyptAir Cargo customers can then access the platform by using a mobile device to create and log into an individual account that will provide real-time updates of their shipment.

Captain Basem Gohar, chairman of EgyptAir Cargo said that the platform will support the carrier’s aim to modernise and increase operational efficiency, especially to the rise it has seen in ecommerce-driven air mail. “We provide mail transport for more than 85 postal authorities worldwide, and the Descartes vMail solution helps us to accurately record mail shipment events as they occur and to track deliveries in real-time,” he stated.

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