May 06, 2017: Emirates, the popular Arabian airlines have added a second daily flight between the Athens and Dubai. This new flight will give the customers more flexibility in connecting with the US. The Athens-Dubai route practically closes a gap in Greece’s air connection to the United States. It is a route that had been interrupted since 2012, and Athens International Airport had been looking for ways to bring it back.

It is reported that the decision to add the flight was due to increased demand. The Emirates flight to the US is now subject to the new restrictions on US electronics legislation when it flies directly from Dubai. On the other hand, for passengers travelling from Athens to the United States, the restriction is not valid except for the Dubai-Athens flight.

On the Athens – New York part of the flight, passengers can board with their electronic devices (laptop, tablet, camera, etc.) in their hand luggage. For the same reason, the company is modifying part of its routes by limiting its direct connections from Dubai to the U.S., while increasing the frequency to other European destinations. The increased flights to other stops offer passengers more alternatives.

The fact that the flight lands at Newark Airport, located in New Jersey, seems to attract interest outside the Greek community in the US. Emirates executives estimate that there will be a significant response from the Indian market, while the cruise ship market is also given particular consideration. The flight meets the needs of both professionals and tourists and offers additional options for connecting to destinations in the Middle and the Far East, Australia and Africa. In addition to boosting available seats, the second flight between Athens and Dubai also increases the tonnage of the cargo carried.

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