September 15, 2020: Today, Emirates SkyCargo has completed 18 years of flying its freighters to Shanghai, which was the cargo carrier's first scheduled cargo destination in the country and marked Emirates' entry into the Chinese mainland.

Since 2002, Emirates SkyCargo has been providing a continuous and robust trade link through its cargo flights for exports from Shanghai and other points in China to the market connecting with primary, secondary, and tertiary cities across the world.

More recently, Emirates SkyCargo supported the uplift of thousands of tonnes of essential commodities including face masks, gloves, other protective gear and equipment such as ventilators manufactured in China to destinations across six continents. From the very early stages of the pandemic, the air cargo carrier reacted quickly and worked with various authorities to deploy adequate capacity to meet the surge in demand for the transport of PPE and other materials to combat Covid-19 from China. Over the next few months, hundreds of cargo flights were operated from Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou to cities in the Middle East, Europe, North America, Africa, Australasia and other parts of Asia.

"Emirates SkyCargo is an important facilitator of trade between China and the rest of the world and this is a very special milestone for us. Shanghai has been one of our main gateways over nearly the last two decades. Just between 2012 and 2019, we helped connect close to half a million tonnes of goods as exports and imports between Shanghai and the rest of the network," said Michael Qu, Emirates cargo manager, China.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the main exports from Shanghai included electronic devices and equipment, pharmaceuticals and raw materials for other manufacturing and industrial application. On imports, Emirates SkyCargo helped bring in food items and flavours from around the world ranging from Norwegian salmon, lobsters from Boston and Chilean cherries.

Emirates SkyCargo now offers 11 scheduled weekly flights to the Chinese Mainland, including eight flights to Shanghai, and three flights to Guangzhou.

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