Jul 26, 2017: The Ethiopian Meat & Dairy Industry Development Institute reported that the country generated $104 million from meat, honey, wax, fodder products, and milk and dairy exports during the recently ended fiscal year.

Currently, a total of 579 industries, of which 468 are established by local investors, engage in meat and dairy production. Out of the total investments, 186 are engaged in meat and fodder processing, 279 industries in milk and dairy processing, 65 in honey and wax processing, and 49 industries in fodder processing.

During the year, the total export amount was 20,525 tonnes of meat and dairy products.

In 2016, a total of 19,892 tonnes of meat and dairy products were exported and generated 102 million dollars.

Ethiopia is known for its huge amount of cattle resources in the world, having 57 million cattle, 29.33 million sheep, 29.11 million goats, 1.16 million camels, and 56.87 million chickens.

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