• CemAir is South Africa’s independent regional airline.
  • It operates domestic network to secondary cities and regional centers and aims to expand into regional flights in 2021.

February 04, 2021: Ethiopian Airlines and CemAir have entered into an interline agreement which will allow passengers travel with a single ticket and lower cost between points within the carriers’ networks.

Rahel Asefa, vice president marketing, Ethiopian Airlines Group, remarked, “In our continuous endeavor to expand our service beyond our extensive network in Africa, we are happy to partner and add CemAir to our list of growing partners in Africa.”

“We are proud of our partnership with Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s leading and one of the largest global airlines” said Miles van der Molen, the CEO of CemAir. “Ethiopian is a strong partner and with the significant changes in the South African airline industry we look forward to working closely with them as we expand our network both domestically and beyond.” He added, “the coming years represent an unparalleled opportunity in the industry and we see our future expansion closely tied to the success of our partners.”

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