Jan 24, 2017: Low-cost airline Fly Blue Crane is reconsidering its routes as part of a restructuring process following the company’s application for business rescue last year, suggest media reports.

Fly Blue Crane became the latest casualty of bankruptcy. By opting for business rescue, the company was hoping to re-engineer and strengthen its businesses, a move that many of its peers around the world had taken, the company said last November.

The move came shortly after Fly Blue Crane launched flights to Mthatha, Eastern Cape. As a result of the business rescue application the company would operate under the supervision of a business rescue practitioner, as the restructuring of the company takes place.

Business rescue practitioner, Etienne Naude said Fly Blue Crane, which has flights to Cape Town, Kimberley, Mthatha and Bloemfontein, was evaluating its routes as part of its re-engineering programme, “including the fine-tuning of its schedules to some destinations during low seasons - such as the end-of-year break when business customers in some markets are away on holiday.”

Photo Credit: AFKTravel