Dec 19, 2018: flydubai’s East African passengers will get an opportunity to expand new European destinations from June 2018. The flights to Naples, Italy and Budapest, Hungary will begin from June 4 and 29, respectively.

flydubai presently serves Entebbe in Uganda but also flies to Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar in Tanzania, offering convenient connections both ways, for visitors to Uganda and Tanzania and for locals from these countries flying abroad.

Flying a fleet of exclusive B737-800s and of late also the B737 MAX, have travellers the choice of affordable business class travel or take advantage of the low fares the airline offers in economy class.

flydubai also has code share agreements in place with Emirates, both airlines being owned by the government of Dubai, which makes interlining possible to many destinations flydubai does not serve directly, and vice versa of course, destinations which Emirates does not serve.

Naples will initially be served five times a week while Budapest will get daily flights.

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