July 27, 2020: Madagascar Flying Labs team has helped in transporting essential medicines to more than 30 health facilities in the most hard-to-access region of the country, as per a blog published on WeRobotics website.

Both the technical and operational teams of AerialMetric and Madagascar Flying Labs are 100 percent Malagasy. Together, they directly contribute to Madagascar’s economic development by designing, assembling, testing, and repairing all their drones in Madagascar (rather than Silicon Valley). The team has also created local jobs indirectly. For instance, the parachutes and cardboard boxes they use for the drone deliveries are also made in Madagascar.

The team first started years ago by offering drone survey and mapping services, which is why they also have deep expertise in photogrammetry and GIS. In recent years, it expanded drone services to include deliveries.

The rural communities in Madagascar previously had minimal access to these medicines, which is now restocked regularly due to drone services.

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