August 04, 2017: The France based retail chain FNAC that specialises in the distribution of cultural and electronic products have entered into Congo. A subsidiary of the Mercure International Monaco Group, SCORE-CASINO, has welcomed the FNAC international brand into its Brazzaville shopping centre.

Bollore Logistics Congo was chosen to manage the overall logistics for imports by FNAC. The customised logistics solutions provided by Bollore clubbed with the expertise of the local teams have enabled the company to provide services covering the shipment, customs clearance and delivery from France to the 400 sqm FNAC store.

Given the fragile nature of the merchandise, Bollore Logistics Congo set up specific measures to ensure optimal and safe deliveries. All the operations were supervised by a cargo damage inspector specially assigned to this project who verified the integrity of all the goods (regarding quantity and value) as soon as the aircraft arrived on the tarmac, and to carry out an analysis of the risks between the Congo's warehouse and the stores.

The goods were transported on seven flights and were carried on 80 pallets, weighing a total of 18 tonnes. It mainly comprised of electronic devices, display cases and cash registers, etc. were transported to the site within 24 hours for each delivery. This was possible as the authorities issued an AETEX (exceptional authorisation to collect goods) by the customs authority.

Lucien Malouala, transit manager, SCORE-CASINO Group and Jacques Rivière, general manager, SCORE Congo congratulated the local team members involved in the transportation.

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