October 14, 2021: Freightos Data, part of the Freightos Group, is launching the Freightos Air Index, an air cargo index based on transactional air cargo prices in an effort to provide transparency and support decision making.

FAX provides pricing visibility across weight breaks, trade lanes, and hundreds of airport pairs. The index is published each Sunday with data from the prior week.

“Global supply chains have experienced unprecedented volatility, fueled by heightened demand, Covid-shutdowns, congestion, and more. This has pushed freight rates to all-time highs. For example, air cargo spot prices from Germany (FRA) to China (PVG) have skyrocketed 2.2X over the last three months to $3.53/kg,” reads the release.

Fluctuating prices and changing capacity challenge carriers, forwarders, and importers/exporters struggling to accommodate the current freight landscape.

Zvi Schreiber, CEO of the Freightos Group, said, “The digital air cargo revolution transformed air cargo into a modern, real-time and digitalized industry. eBookings on WebCargo by Freightos already encompass over 30 airlines and thousands of forwarders, with bookings growing 12X year on year. Real-time booking paves the way for real-time industry transparency. We’re proud to offer the same visibility to the air cargo industry that we’ve provided for ocean freight with the Freightos Baltic Index.”

“The highly volatile air freight markets during the pandemic showed once again how important it is to have transparency on market developments,” said Matthias Mentschel, head of global warehouse & transportation at Bayer. “Better information leads to better decisions, which in the end benefits our patients & consumers.”

The FAX is in a free open beta phase, as additional lanes and features continue to be made available. It consists of a headline index of pricing across global air cargo lanes, weighted based on trade lane activity, as well as price comparisons across trade lanes, airport pairs, and weight breaks.

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