July 02, 2019: Ghana government has sanctioned multi-year funding of more than US $290 million for the construction of 14 road projects across the country over the medium term.

In a media statement, the ministry of finance has stated that the projects will see reconstruction, rehabilitation and upgrading of road networks spanning 381.3 kilometres across Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Eastern and Northern regions of Ghana.

The approval of the funding commitment for the 14 projects is subject to section 33(1) of Ghana’s Public Financial Management (PFM) Act, which requires a yearly breakdown of each project as well as detailed information on all the on-going road projects.

The multi-year commitment to the ministry of roads and highways will be funded through the medium-term budgetary allocation, covering the period between 2019 and 2023. According to the office of the minister for finance, the concerned ministry is expected to provide the required information, as stipulated by the PFM Act by July 15, 2019.”

The ministry of finance has requested the ministry of roads and highways to submit all projects’ contracts for inclusion in the medium-term expenditure framework.

The projects include:

  • Reconstruction of the Osiem-Begoro road (24.80 km)

  • Reconstruction of Kwabeng-Abomosu-Asuom road (41.40 km)

  • Upgrading of Anwiankwanta-Obuasi road (30 km)

  • Upgrading of Mampong Kofiase road (14 km)

  • Reconstruction of Kwabeng Akropong road and Akropong town roads (23.3 km)

  • Upgrading of Nsuta – Beposo road (7 km)

  • Upgrading of Salaga – Bimbilla road (71 km)

  • Upgrading of Kwadaso – Trabuom road (30 km)

  • Rehabilitation of Adankrono – Kade – New Abrrem road (Lot 1) (21 km)

  • Rehabilitation of Adankrono – Kade – New Abrrem road (Lot 2) (22.4 km)

  • Upgrading of Atronie – Mim road (17 km)

  • Reconstruction of Asuom – Subi – Kade road (22 km)

  • Reconstruction of Akropong – Pramkese – Adankrono road (27.2 km)

  • Upgrading of Odumasi – Adenta – Badu road (30.2 km)

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