October 26, 2021: Bureau Veritas and Bolloré Ports have awarded Meridian Port Services (MPS) two stars under the green terminal environmental labelling process.

This comes after Bureau Veritas conducted an audit lasting several months to assess the social and environmental performance of MPS’s facilities, equipment, energy consumption and operating processes.

MPS is the first container terminal in the Bolloré Ports network to obtain the Green Terminal label, also achieving the highest score with an 86.58 percent success rate (a two-star rating). This reflects the commitment of MPS and its shareholders to further reducing CO2 emissions.

This new distinction demonstrates MPS’s determination to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. “We are proud of the Green Terminal label awarded to MPS following the evaluations carried out by Bureau Veritas. This label reflects the quality of the sustainable investments made at MPS and the eco-responsible initiatives implemented in Ghana,” said Olivier de Noray, ports and terminals managing director of Bolloré Ports.

In 3 years, MPS has reduced its greenhouse emissions by 36 percent, making it one of the most energy- efficient entities. In terms of the volumes handled, its carbon intensity is around 5 kg CO2 eq/TEU for the 2020 financial year compared to 9 kg CO2 eq/TEU for the 2018 financial year.

“Environmental and social sustainability is at the heart of MPS’s business activities. The Green Terminal label commits us to continuing our efforts to control the socio-economic footprint of our activities,” explains Mohamed Samara, CEO of MPS.

The evaluations used in the Green Terminal environmental labelling process are based on more than 250 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and categorised into four levels: the minimum pass rate is set at 50 percent, the second level starts at 65 percent (one star), the third at 80 percent (two stars) and the top tier at 90 percent (three stars).

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