May 26, 2020: Guinea Shipping Corporation (GSC) has announced the appointment of Bernt Meldgaard Christensen as the company's new executive chairman.

Christensen has a wealth of experience in the maritime industry spanning more than 30 years and will be responsible for leading the new team.

He succeeds his brother Henrik, who founded the company in 2010 and sadly passed away recently.

"Henrik had a vision to build a shipping line for Guinea; that also provides a platform to help develop the country's own maritime industry. I will carry on with that work and strengthen our ties with Guinea's maritime sector with a view to helping local people build careers as international seafarers," said Christensen.

In other news, GSC has appointed Paul Bevan as its director in Hong Kong. Bevan has more than 25 years' experience of working in shipping, transportation, logistics and equipment leasing. His previous positions were with Container Applications International, DHL Supply Chain, Neptune Orient Lines and APL.

GSC plans to provide a range of marine logistics services for several new mining companies that are starting production in Guinea in 2020 and 2021. GSC is committed to starting a training ship for local cadets to embark on a career at sea. The aim is to employ up to 75 percent of Guineans in the company's project workforce within the next 3-4 years.

GSC will manage operations primarily related to logistics export bulk commodities from Guinea to international markets.

The carrier will also manage chartering, acquisition and operation of ships and the day-to-day operations in several sectors of the supply chain.

The fleet will comprise a combination of owned and chartered vessels to provide a flexible response to fluctuations in global demand for commoditised raw materials such as bauxite, alumina and iron ore exported from Guinea.

GSC is locally nurtured with close association of Private Investments Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Mines in Guinea.

GSC is Africa's newest bulk shipping line, focused on supporting Guinea's vital mineral export industry.

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