June 18, 2021: KargomKolay, the international express courier market in Turkey, has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with heyworld, Lufthansa Cargo's cross-border ecommerce logistics subsidiary.

Lufthansa Cargo makes deliveries to the United States and Europe under the heyworld brand by using its aircraft fleet and network in international small package transportation. The company established a new cooperation with KargomKolay to increase its activities in Turkey, a new target market for 2021. As of now, with the newly signed agreement, KargomKolay has become the only representative of the brand in Turkey.

KargomKolay is a DRN Logistics Inc brand, and Turkey’s largest online logistics platform. The company, which started operating in 2014, delivers door-to-door in over 160 countries in 2020.

Regarding this agreement, DRN Logistics chairman Onder Turker said, “Lufthansa Cargo is undoubtedly one of the best brands in the world in airline transportation, and heyworld, using by Lufthansa Cargo fleet capacity and distribution networks, is doing serious business in e-commerce distributions, especially in Germany and United States. With our KargomKolay brand, we transfer these advantages of our partners to domestic e-commerce companies, both reducing transportation costs and making serious contributions to e-export.”

On a short-term landscape, deliveries will be made to Germany and the United States only, with the prospect to further expand.

On the other hand, managing director of heyworld Timo Schamber stated, “We are more than happy to start our close cooperation with KargomKolay to serve the Turkish market. With KargomKolay, heyworld has won a highly experienced and well-established partner in Turkey to enable fast and high-quality service. We will combine the strengths of localised customer service of KargomKolay with excellence in airfreight and last-mile delivery of heyworld.“

Within the scope of the cooperation agreement, there will be activities aimed at providing a more efficient and competitive procurement process management especially for e-commerce companies that make e-export sales to Germany and the United States. Thus, the two companies will carry out joint investment and marketing activities to increase their market shares in small package transportation from Turkey to abroad.

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