August 16, 2017: One of the leading aviation IT solutions provider, IBS Software, has set up a Test Factory for Lufthansa Cargo. The purpose of this facility is to ensure that all Lufthansa Cargo application software is fit for purpose.

Lufthansa Cargo which is known for its highly efficient processes, reliability and service excellence has IBS as strategic IT partner. Under this engagement IBS is responsible for managing end- to-end testing of applications under the core IT platform, enabling a smooth rollout of product upgrades, new services and innovations. The Test Factory also uses IBS' enabling assets of testing frameworks, proven processes and efficient tools to provide cost and quality advantage to Lufthansa Cargo. It also ensures that the testing services are delivered in a scalable, flexible and cost effective manner.

Dr Jochen Göttelmann, chief information officer Lufthansa Cargo AG said, "With the IBS Test Factory, we have enhanced our strategic partnership with IBS on a next level. Bundling product development, project implementation and the important quality assurance for our core IT platform, we have succeeded to reduce the IT complexity and to streamline our provider relationships. With IBS as a trusted partner, we get these business critical services now out of one hand only, ensuring a smooth transition of projects into operations."

"Our Independent Verification and Validation team has played a key role in the IT program of Lufthansa Cargo, and we take pride in the fact that we have been able to meet the expectations and needs of a leading cargo airline which is known for its highest quality standards in the industry. Our success has been made possible by the extraordinary collaboration, professionalism and commitment demonstrated by both Lufthansa Cargo and IBS teams throughout this engagement. We are pleased that we have taken the relationship to the next levels by setting up this Test Factory, which will contribute to the successful implementation of Lufthansa Cargo's IT strategy. We look forward to being a part of a continued Lufthansa Cargo success story in which technology will play an increasingly important role in coming years." said Akshay Shrivastava, senior VP global head of IBS' Services Business.

Caption: IBS Software and Lufthansa Cargo AG Teams at the signing ceremony that was held in Frankfurt

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