There is nothing more liberating when your father gives you wings to fly. On the occasion of Father's Day, Kush Gadhia, Sanjeev Gadhia's son and the business development manager of Astral Aerial Solutions, talks to STAT Media Group, on how his dad's rational and level-headed persona has helped him learn how to deal with tough situations.

How did your father bring the company together and made it what it is today. What drove him, and what qualities you think helped him get here?

My father was initially involved in a business that procured goods for the UN. Everytime they would deliver the goods to the airport for transportation to the final destination, there were no aircraft. The idea to begin an airline was born out of solving this problem. Astral Aviation has grown significantly since then and provides air freight solutions for many industries not only humanitarian cargo. I believe his entrepreneurial mindset and constant drive helped make the company successful. He was also able to build a strong team that is also instrumental in his success.

What are some of the qualities, picked from your dad that really helps you in making better decisions or handling tough situations?

My father is known for having a "cool head" (rational and calm). He has allowed me to learn through observing him in different situations. I am fortunate to be allowed to attend high level meetings and gain experience from that.

Tell us about an occasion when you and your father worked together and delivered on a project.

For me, rather than just one occasion, being part of the journey in the setup of Astral Aerial and the various discussions around the business etc has been quite memorable.

Since your father and you are successfully leading Astral Aerial, what do you have to say to the younger generation?

Good things take time - Astral Aerial has finally begun operating after three long years of waiting for regulation. So, always be patient.

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