July 06, 2019: Kenya Airways has selected GE Aviation for the flight operations suite of digital products across the airline’s fleet of B737, B787, and E190 aircraft.

Kenya Airways' fleet adds to the 15,468 unique aircraft assets that are connected to GE Aviation’s digital solutions. The implementation is currently underway and is expected to be completed this year.

John Mansfield, the chief digital officer for GE Aviation, said, “Kenya Airways was looking for a way to monitor fleet performance, implement and track fuel-saving initiatives across their network and empower their pilots to help drive efficiency.”

“The flight operations suite provides these insights and is scalable to provide additional functionality,” he added.

The flight operations suite integrates GE’s event measurement system (EMS), flight analytics, FlightPulse, and fuel efficiency services.

Paul Njoroge, director of operations at Kenya Airways, commented, “The partnership with GE Aviation will empower Kenya Airways to optimise its fuel costs and excel in flight operations. GE brings a wealth of knowledge to help the airline fast track efficiencies enabling improvements in operations and customer experience.”

Clare Ward, chief information officer, Kenya Airways, noted that the airline chose GE Aviation because of its innovation in-flight analytics and deep aviation experience. “By partnering with GE, Kenya Airways is accelerating the move to leading-edge technologies in analytics and machine learning,” she said.

“Our aim is to help Kenya Airways reduce their multi-million-dollar fuel bill and increase its overall efficiency. The fidelity in our flight analytics, together with the team’s experience from analysing more than 175mn flights, will enable Kenya Airways to better manage operations with data-driven solutions,” stated Mansfield.

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