Aug 10, 2018: Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has awarded the contract to plan for the development of 11 ports in the country to Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS), a Rotterdam-based company.

MTBS and Runji & Partners will develop a master plan study for eight of the 11 potential port sites that is expected to facilitate their development. The study will also account for the long-term development framework outlined under Kenya’s Vision 2030.

KPA stated other potential port sites along the coast had been assessed and Takaungu and Ngomeni, which do not fall under the KPA Act, have been identified as development options. “Takaungu concerns a giant land site in possession of KPA. Ngomeni on the other hand is selected for its good natural harbour conditions,” stated KPA.

The KPA is responsible for the port of Mombasa and small ports such as Funzi, Shimoni and Vanga located in the south coast, Mtwapa, Kilifi, Malindi, Lamu and Kiunga further north.

In a statement on its website, MTBS said work will include technical studies regarding the current situation in the ports, trade forecasting, selection and development of the most appropriate sites, financial feasibility, economic feasibility, environmental impact assessment, master planning and implementation planning including recommendations on PPP and financing schemes.

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