April 4, 2018: The Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA) has elected William Ojonyo as its new chairman. The association, which has been fraught under leadership disputes over the last two years, will finally see some hope of revival under the chairmanship of Ojonyo.Winning the all-inclusive elections by a landslide victory, Ojonyo said his tenure will be anchored on four pillars in an attempt to rebrand the association and work on improving its battered image.
These four key pillars include improving the process to ensure clearing agents fully comply with statutory regulations, capacity building initiatives by way of regular trainings for directors and their employees and a fully empowered functional secretariat.
Ojonyo has focused on accountability as the fourth pillar. Furthermore, he has vowed to partner and work with other stakeholders and state interveners to ensure the issue of licenses and clearance certificates are given to members at the earliest.
Other important avenues include engaging with Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Railways on working out outstanding issues on the use of Madaraka Express as the preferred transport means for cargo between Mombasa and Nairobi.
Meanwhile, Charles Kariuki was elected vice chairman, while Jane Wambui took on secretary’s post. Humphrey Oguna bagged the Treasurer role while Catherine Ndege and Madrine Wangeci became board members. Others to join the board comprised Noor Hassan, Emmanuel Maathai, Fred Aloo and John Odada.

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