April 15, 2020: In the current volatile market environment, considering transparency as a crucial element for companies requiring sea freight services, Kuehne Nagel (KN) has launched an enhanced version of its SeaExplorer online platform. Industry sources predict a high rate of cancelled sailings in various trades in the coming weeks. Schedule reliability is currently at 65 percent, the lowest level in the past ten years.

The new SeaExplorer features come just in time to mitigate these disruptions. In one single digital platform, it is now possible to find the best option for container shipping needs, including transparency on alternative routings and sailings. SeaExplorer customers can improve their shipment planning and inventory management with the help of artificial intelligence and access to big data.

Otto Schacht, member of the management board of Kuehne Nagel International AG, responsible for sea freight said, "Given the challenges of Covid-19, the enhanced SeaExplorer supports shippers not only with realistic lead times for routings but also with service updates and up-to-date sailing schedules showing alternative departures for blanked sailings. This allows customers to quickly and efficiently compare options across all liner services to easily adjust routings according to their requirements for speed and reliability."

As a new key feature, SeaExplorer also provides detailed visibility of CO2 emissions per service loop and port-to-port routing - a core element of Kuehne Nagel's Net Zero Carbon programme. "This feature allows our customers to choose the most sustainable transport option," stated Schacht.

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