September 17, 2019: kwik Delivery, an on-demand delivery platform operating in Lagos, Nigeria, has announced the launch of its application programming interface (API) to customers.

“The most frequent question we got since our launch last June is 'When are you guys going to release your API so that we can integrate seamlessly your service?'" declared Romain Poirot-Lellig, founder & CEO of Africa Delivery Technologies, who operates the kwik platform.

"Thanks to this API, merchants, and companies from all industrial sectors in need of rapid on-demand deliveries will be able to fully automate the implementation of our last-mile, urban delivery solution and integrate it with e-procurement or e-commerce platforms" explained Olivier Decrock, co-founder and CTO of Africa Delivery Technologies.

"Any merchant with an e-commerce platform or just a POS (point of sale) can now integrate our on-demand service and benefit from the flexibility and reliability that are at the core of our values and benefit from our rich set of features," Lellig added.

Launched in Lagos, Nigeria, kwik Delivery focuses on the rich and diverse B2B and B2B2C market. It is developed and operated by French-Nigerian company Africa Delivery Technologies SAS.

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