May 30, 2019: Lalgy Transports has appointed MiX Telematics for a comprehensive telematics solution to streamline logistics across its 730 vehicle fleet. MiX Vision, the MiX Track and React service, Journey Management and in-cab communication devices are the solutions Lalgy Transports will benefit from.

“We are proud to have been selected to provide Lalgy Transports with a full telematics solution to optimise its logistics and operational efficiencies across its diverse and extensive fleet. This is once again confirmation of the value we can add to such transport specialists throughout Africa, allowing them to focus on their core business, whilst reducing cost and risk,” says Gert Pretorius, managing director of MiX Telematics Africa.

Insisting that the safety of their drivers and vehicles are of paramount importance to the company, Aly Lalgy, managing director of Lalgy Transports said that MiX’s extensive capabilities, tools and reports will help them maximise return on investment.

Lalgy Transports operates throughout the Mozambique territory and surrounding countries. Apart from transportation, the company also does truck sales, civil construction and stone quarry mining. MiX Telematics is a global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions.

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