Dec 5, 2016: Bolloré Logistics Kenya has secured a contract to provide warehouse management services to Kenya Breweries, a subsidiary of Diageo and the largest beer manufacturer in East Africa. The scope of the contract involves site management of the brewer’s warehouse facility in Nairobi, approximately 100,000 sqm of both covered warehouses and open yards. Bolloré Logistics will handle all customs and regulatory services, inventory management of product from the production line, as well as manage the loading and dispatch of product to and from the facility, a rotation of approximately 550 trucks per day. A considerable investment in technology, human resources and equipment has been made to handle the 24/7 operation. The facility will be run using SQUARE Warehouse Management System. In addition, a staff complement of 600 skilled employees has been hired and will operate on a three shift schedule. Bolloré Logistics effectively took over the site from DHL Supply Chain on September 1, 2016. Speaking during the commissioning of the project, Bolloré Logistics Head of supply Chain Solutions Kenya, Haim Konfortiemphasized the importance of the project and the need to listen, learn and be proactive in order to manage the challenges expected with the transition. The project is the largest handled by Bolloré Logistics in the East Africa region and will be a flagship for our prowess in supply chain management services.

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