July 28, 2021: Logistics Update Africa (LUA), one of the publications from the STAT Media Group, will be organising a cargo drone virtual summit on July 29 at 12.00 hrs EAT. The event is hosted by Astral Aerial Solutions and supported by Wings For Aid and Drone Council South Africa.

Themed as ‘Drones bridging divides for delivering cargo in Africa’, the summit will consist of a keynote address, one-to-one interviews, presentations and a panel discussion.

The increase in the number of drones flying throughout the continent promises to eliminate the last-mile delivery issues to over one billion people. While some African countries have been striving for development and are showing signs of independence, others continue to depend on global assistance. Though the aid is coming, the reality is that many regions in Africa are still struggling with poor infrastructure and receiving necessary regulations to support UAV operations.

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Perhaps the most exciting development in Africa is the use of drones in emergencies and for delivering express cargo. This summit aims to bring the drone industry stakeholders and the government authorities on board to address the challenges and opportunities moving ahead.

The Keynote Speaker for the event is Esther Kunda, director general, innovation & emerging technologies at the ministry of ICT and Innovation, the government of Rwanda.

Other speakers include Kush Gadhia (senior business development manager) and Sanjeev Gadhia (CEO) from Astral Aerial Solutions; Barry Koperberg, founder and general manager, Wings For Aid; Agnes Hiere, AerialMetric; Yaniv Gelnik, chief revenue officer, Cloudline; Carla Blauvelt, director programs, VillageReach; and Irvin Phenyane, chairperson and non-executive director of Drone Council South Africa.

The drone webinar is the third edition of its kind organised by LUA since the pandemic began.

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