CEVA Logistics is transitioning all its contract logistics and freight warehouses to low-carbon electricity by 2025.

"The commitment will rely on a combination of purchasing low-carbon electricity (renewable and nuclear) from local utility providers and increasing its own production of electricity using rooftop solar panels, which the company will triple by the end of 2025," says an official release. "In addition, CEVA expects to reach 100 percent LED lighting in its warehousing facilities by the end of 2023."

CEVA finished 2022 with LED lighting in approximately 80 percent of its contract logistics warehouses, the release said.

CEVA is also increasing the size of its lithium-ion material handling equipment (MHE) fleet. "The global logistics provider expects its global fleet to reach a 40 percent level in 2023 of eco-MHE (lithium-ion and gel battery units). Beyond the obvious emissions savings in moving away from diesel- or LPG-powered combustion MHE, the company is also seeing an average 16 percent emissions reduction during the charging process when switching from a lead-acid battery MHE to more eco-friendly lithium-ion batteries."

Through a joint investment with real estate partners of approximately $180 million, CEVA plans to triple the surface area of solar panels covering the roofs of its contract logistics warehouses around the world, the release said. "By the end of 2025, the company expects to have approximately 1.8 million square metres of solar panels installed at its facilities — an area 2.25 times the size of France’s famed Palace of Versailles. With this coverage area, the company estimates it will generate approximately 135,000 MWH per year."

Mathieu Friedberg, CEO, CEVA Logistics, says: “The global logistics industry must find better ways to operate and ultimately reduce its impact on the planet from carbon emissions and energy consumption. These investments are the right thing to do, and they also make good business sense. We will continue acting to build a more sustainable model through initiatives like these in our contract logistics operations and across our product lines in air, ocean, ground and finished vehicles.”

CEVA Logistics, with 2021 revenue of $17 billion, is part of the CMA CGM Group.

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