DP World has finalised the acquisition of key assets from bp Southern Africa (bpSA) in its secondary transport operations, indicating a noteworthy expansion of its business footprint in South Africa.

For more than a century, bp has been engaged across Africa, spanning activities ranging from exploration to refining and the distribution of fuel products. In South Africa specifically, bp has remained one of the few prominent industry participants maintaining its own transport operations, mentions the official release.

“As a leading provider of smart logistics solutions globally, and one of the largest logistics providers in South Africa, DP World is proud to partner with bpSA in their landmark decision to outsource their secondary transport,” says Mark Rylance, Chief Operating Officer: Logistics, for DP World in sub-Saharan Africa.

DP World will take over bpSA’s Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Rustenburg logistics operations. Separately, Makwande Supply & Distribution – a beneficiary of bpSA’s enterprise development programme – will take over its Durban and East London operations, the release added.

“The rest of the global bp business also outsources its transport operations,” says bpSA CEO, Taelo Mojapelo. “Outsourcing the secondary transport business to specialist entities helps improve our operating standards and efficiency, as third-party specialists have the depth and capacity to invest in world-class technologies, driver training, and effective monitoring mechanisms. We have confidence in the calibre of partners we have selected and look forward to productive and mutually beneficial working relationships into the future.”

“This partnership will reap the benefits of combining bpSA’s established customer networks with our expertise in providing value-adding logistics solutions. I look forward to this partnership unlocking new opportunities for growth and success for both organisations,” adds Rylance.

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