The Ghana-based digital freight forwarder Jetstream Africa announced the launch of its artificial intelligence-based (AI) African cross-border trade platform

“You can now access our comprehensive suite of features designed to drive powerful business growth and profitability for African exporters, importers and logistics professionals through AI-powered process automation,” reads the Jetstream Africa LinkedIn page.

Features on include automated, total supply chain visibility, supply chain vendor network across Africa, digital payments to supply chain vendors, cargo insurance and trade finance with inventory control.

Miishe Addy, co-founder and CEO of Jetstream Africa, wrote on LinkedIn, “ is a place for freight forwarders, and their business customers, to come together to build supply chains. The first growth tool on Jetvision is trade finance.”

Since 2021, Jetstream has partnered with banks, debt investors, and logistics vendors to disburse nearly $8MM in export and import loans in West Africa, at an average loan value of $17,000. These loans have financed over 430 agricultural exports and industrial, energy, medical and FMCG imports.

To manage the risk,, in partnership with Curacel (YC 22), makes it easy for businesses to add insurance to their shipments with a few clicks of a mouse.

“In a cross border shipment, nine types of logistics vendors – including truck drivers, warehouse managers, terminal operators, ship agents, customs brokers, certification bodies, ocean, air freight and rail carriers – work in sequence to move goods from A to B. The complexity of these shipments makes them risky,” wrote Addy., in partnership with Onafriq and Paystack, allows customers to pay with their preferred payment method (bank transfer, debit card, mobile money), and have the payment reflected in their supply chain vendors’ accounts. Domestic and legal foreign payments for freight, warehousing, demurrage, duties, and service fees are also available at

Addy added, “ is designed to automatically direct logistics payments to the preferred accounts of regular logistics vendors, in order to prevent delays and penalties caused by manual errors.”

With a network of 895 cross-border vendors, Jetvision aims to make it easy for businesses to filter and search for providers based on commodities and trade corridors, and to see each vendor’s track record for getting things done on time and on budget.

“ is designed to connect the dots between fragmented supply chain vendors. Our network includes customs agents with expertise at specific ports and borders, warehouse and terminal operators, ground transporters, project cargo specialists, quality certification experts, and more,” wrote Addy. also aims to automate total supply Chain visibility for supply chain vendors and their import-export customers everywhere which means tracking physical movements (geolocating goods), financial movements (tracking payments and costs as they happen), and informational movements (tracking the profiles and performance of supply chain actors).

According to Abby, “Total supply chain visibility means tracking the lifecycle of a physical product from the acquisition of its raw materials to its final sale to customers. Automating that visibility requires first digitizing the underlying sources of data, without human intervention, and then using technology to transform that data into updates and reports that we can all understand.”

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