UPS announces the launch of a new technology centre in Chennai. The centre will be focused on innovations that make it easier for customers to do business. Earlier this year, the company announced a strategic investment of $15-20 million in India that will complement technology teams in the U.S. and Europe.

“These centres will enable us to offer an unparalleled logistics experience for our customers, through advanced technologies including AI, automation and robotics," said Bala Subramanian, EVP and Chief Digital and Technology Officer, UPS.

Investing in the future: India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and UPS is a major player in the transportation and logistics industry there. In the last few years, UPS strengthened its network with investments like UPS Premier service for critical and sensitive healthcare shipments to India, a second dedicated airport gateway in Bengaluru, doubled export and import handling capacity and the launch of MOVIN Express for India’s domestic logistics market.

Investing in people: UPS’s technology centres are committed to offering career opportunities, not just jobs – especially for women and people from rural areas. UPS will host community workshops that include career counselling and training.

“We will focus on nurturing local talent, especially women and people from rural areas to be a vital part of our global technology capabilities. At UPS, we don’t just provide jobs, but open doors to fulfilling careers. UPS is the world’s leader in logistics and India is growing its logistics capabilities – we are here to create a win-win relationship.” Bala said.

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