July 07, 2020: Fiege Air Cargo Logistics (FACL) will take over the operative handling and co-ordination of inbound and outbound standard shipments in several phases until mid-2021 at the Lufthansa Cargo Center (LCC) in Frankfurt.

The physical cargo handling processes in the LCC had already been largely outsourced to various external service providers for many years.

In the course of digitalisation, the process landscape in LCC was standardised across the board and consistently aligned with the material flow. "Our future partner contributes additional expertise in the area of digitalisation as well as efficient design and implementation of warehouse processes. At the same time, the new cooperation model will reduce the number of direct interfaces for Lufthansa Cargo, enabling us to make optimum use of the advantages of digitisation. FACL will be an important partner for us in all aspects of physical handling at the Frankfurt hub," explained Mohammad Ali Seiraffi, Lufthansa Cargo vice president handling Frankfurt and head of the LCC.

"We look forward to contributing our expertise in digitization to the Lufthansa Cargo Center as part of a long-term cooperation. We will help to further enhance the operational quality and synchronise the logistics processes in ground handling with the modernised IT infrastructure of the LCC", said Felix Scherberich, managing director at Fiege.

The planning and control of the cargo processes as well as the overall responsibility for the processes will remain in the hands of Lufthansa Cargo. The new co-operation will not result in any changes for the cargo airline's customers.

Felix Scherberich and Benjamin Looser are responsible for the newly founded company of the Fiege Group as managing directors. FACL is a subsidiary in the industry and tyres division of the Fiege Logistics Foundation. In 2019, the group generated a turnover of 1.7 billion euros with around 19,000 employees worldwide.

With a turnover of 2.5 billion euros and 8.9 billion revenue tonne-kilometres in 2019, Lufthansa Cargo is one of the world's leading companies in the transport of air freight.

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