January 25, 2018: Lufthansa Cargo invests into the US-based tech startup Fleet Logistics intensifying its ties to the global startup scene.

The strong collaboration between Lufthansa Cargo and Fleet Logistics will connect extensive airfreight experience with a technology-driven, fresh view on global logistics processes. Fleet Logistics, headquartered in Portland, USA, was founded in 2014 and acts as an online marketplace, matching customers’ demand for freight services with free capacity provided by logistics companies. Fleet Logistics is growing fast and addresses customers’ inherent desire for convenience in – traditionally – complex cross-border freight shipping processes.

“Fleet Logistics is a perfect match for us as the company combines innovative and visionary thinking with a strong intrinsic motivation to improve air cargo booking and shipping efficiency and, finally, our customers’ overall experience,” says Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo. “We expect substantial learning with regard to our product and service portfolio. Thus, we are sure that Lufthansa Cargo and Fleet Logistics will mutually benefit from sharing concepts and ideas.” At the same time, Fleet Logistics will expand its Board of Directors with the new seat being held by Lufthansa Cargo’s CCO Alexis von Hoensbroech.

Recently, a large number of startups pushed into the logistics industry upgrading connectivity between various players of global air cargo supply chains. Consequently, also traditional logistics companies have become aware of the opportunities they can realise by investing into new digital business models.

By acquiring shares in Fleet Logistics, Lufthansa Cargo underlines its strategic commitment in lifting the airfreight industry to a superior digital maturity level. The acquisition is part of the Lufthansa Group’s overall digitisation strategy and was strongly supported by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub in Berlin.

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