March 15, 2018:Lufthansa Cargo is offering customers direct access to capacity and rate data through two new APIs (application programming interfaces).

Users can obtain and process the information available via GetCapacity and GetRates quickly and easily in their own systems without the need for manual upload.

The carrier also pointed out that real-time data exchange on capacity makes information on flight utilisation available around the clock through the new interface.

“We are continually expanding the digital standardised interfaces for our customers in order to further simplify system-to-system communication,” said Boris Hueske, head of digital transformation at Lufthansa Cargo.

“The increasing number of users proves how widespread market acceptance is. For Lufthansa Cargo, this is another step on the way to becoming a more digital enterprise.”

GetCapacity and GetRates complement Lufthansa Cargo’s established Tracking and GetRoutes APIs, although the two new interfaces involve data worthy of protection and are therefore only made available to interested parties on request.

More digital services are in the pipeline as part of Lufthansa Cargo’s ongoing digitisation, the carrier confirmed.

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