September 02, 2021: On behalf of Global Cargo Management France, Magma Aviation transported some building machinery to Nairobi, which weighed 9,890 kilogrammes and required a 20 ft pallet which had been pre-prepared with spreading. There was also a crate on a skid weighing 430 kilogrammes, which had a spare wheel strapped on it.

The machinery arrived by truck to the airport, needed a crane to move it on to the pallet. It also needed to be loaded onto the aircraft in a specific position to allow for extra strapping inside the aircraft, all of which meant that the ground time was longer than usual.

The flight from Liege Airport flew to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport via Lagos, Nigeria and Douala, Cameroon. The transport took place on a TF-AMC aircraft as part of a part charter load in combination with Magma Aviation’s weekly CC322 multi stop Africa flight.

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