September 23, 2019: Malawi's Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) capacity has been improved both quantitatively and qualitatively by the opening of three new airport terminal buildings and installing the radar surveillance system. The buildings and the radar system were constructed by Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA), an arm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In recent years, the original facilities of the airport built by Japan's ODA in 1982 had been experiencing great difficulty facilitating the increasing number of passengers both visiting and departing Malawi. This new development is expected to contribute significantly to the airport's operational efficiency; expanding its passenger handling capacity from 50 to 500 people per hour, as well as greatly improving the safety levels of the aircraft.

The last phase of the renovation of the existing terminal building is undergoing.

At the same time, another technical cooperation project is ongoing at KIA that aims to continue long term support of the installed equipment; provision of training sessions to professionals of both radar air navigation and radar equipment maintenance.

Japanese companies including Gyros Corporation, Marubeni Protechs Corporation and NEC Corporation, among others, have played an important role in this ODA project. They actively transferred technology to the Malawian people at the construction site.

Malawian government officials highly appreciated this project and said they would look forward to seeing more travellers coming to Malawi.

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