Mar 15, 2017: Mercator announces the launch of the Intelligent Cargo Ecosystem, the industry’s first open API platform for air cargo management and ground handling. As part of this launch, Mercator will be showcasing its new Warehouse App, a transformative digital solution which enables air cargo carriers to connect goods, people, data, and processes to transform their warehousing operations.

The Warehouse App is a applications which will be rolled out as part of Mercator’s Intelligent Cargo Ecosystem. The ecosystem is the next step in the evolution of Mercator’s air cargo product portfolio and encompasses a number of world leading air cargo management applications for offer & order management, logistics, warehousing, regulatory compliance, quality management, revenue management and analytics.

The new open architecture platform enables air cargo carriers to break away from the constraints of legacy systems by allowing handlers and operators to make process changes within the system quickly and achieve unrivalled flexibility. The app based approach, inherent to the ecosystem, enables carriers and ground handlers to not only improve the efficiency of their operations, but also to introduce new services. For example, air cargo carriers will be able to move small consumer packages and perishable goods more effectively by having full visibility into the movements of the shipments, and by optimizing air cargo management processes to reduce delays and minimize the risk of disruption.

Brendan McKittrick, Mercator’s chief technology officer, said, “The role of technology is rapidly shifting from being a driver of efficiency to an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption in air cargo management and ground handling. Mobile technology and open API platforms will revolutionize the industry, allowing carriers to get a real time digital view of the entire air cargo supply chain. The technology can really transform the industry, providing much greater visibility, versatility, and above all, the ability to simplify complex and challenging processes.”

The Warehouse App is a blueprint of how this ecosystem works. Fully integrated with Mercator’s Intelligent Cargo Ecosystem, the app was developed after extensive consultation with hundreds of air cargo warehouse agents around the world and through Mercator’s own experience of handling over 200,000 tons of cargo a day. This approach delivers full interoperability, enhanced security and an intuitive user experience, which are paramount for a process orientated environments.

The app allows warehouse agents to capture all air cargo data through a single mobile interface and achieve full visibility into every stage of the warehouse management process, from acceptance and relocation, through to breakdown, build-up, delivery, and tracking billing data.

In addition, the Warehouse App has a smart search functionality allowing the agent to search and query shipments, display SHC codes and labels, view shipment itineraries and retrieve loading details. After the cargo is scanned, the agent can track an entire shipment or a specific item within a shipment, enabling them to improve efficiency and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Finnair Cargo has been one of the first carriers to test and deploy the Warehouse App as part of its efforts to transform its air cargo and ground handling operations.

Janne Tarvainen, VP head of Finnair Cargo, said, “We are glad to have Mercator as a partner in this significant project. The Warehouse App will be an important tool for years to come. The new mobile and digital system, alongside our investment in a new cargo terminal, will revolutionise Finnair’s cargo system for customers and partners.”

Photo: Brendan McKittrick

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