May 03, 2018: WCA responds to expanding membership and growing network demands with new office in Shenzhen, China.

In response to quickly-changing logistics demands, the company has also appointed Mirja Nissen as co-director of its eCommerce network. Mirja has been working in cargo and logistics since 2001 and was a trade lane manager for Weiss Rohlig USA and DHL eCommerce. WCA has also hired Mirja Nissen to work alongside WCA’s eCommerce director, Alex Allen.

“Our China-based membership is growing exponentially,” said Damin Wang, vice president of WCA China. “And the number of members in Asia-Pacific require even more attention. Opening this secondary China office will help us manage agent requests and will align us to better support our growing membership in the area.”

“This new service centre will significantly increase our presence in the world’s most significant and exciting export market,” said Dan March, CEO of WCA. “As a network that is constantly adding additional benefits, we strive to provide ever more assistance to members within major logistics gateways. This move empowers not only our Chinese members, but their global partners as well.”

“As the industry grows and adapts, so must we,” said March. “Bringing Mirja onboard is a strategic move to keep us ahead of the curve in this rapidly expanding and increasingly vital sector of our industry. We want to provide the right tools for those working in eCommerce logistics and we believe Mirja will be able to help us do just that.”

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