March 13, 2020: Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) has appointed of Mitsuru Fukushima as chief country representative for Mozambique and South Africa under the umbrella of the chief executive representatives for Europe and Africa, effective April 1, 2020.

Based in the representative office of MOL (Europe and Africa), which will newly open in Maputo, Fukushima in Mozambique and South Africa will enhance business capabilities and raise the profile of the MOL brand as a representative of the MOL Group in both countries, and develop and propose solutions for comprehensive transport services in response to specific needs in each country.

In January 2020, MOL started operation of a new information platform called 'Lighthouse', aimed at dry bulk ship customers. The service allows those involved in the transport process, such as shippers and vessel operators, to safely, unitarily, and in real-time, share and monitor various kinds of information related to ocean transport, such as vessel schedules, weather, ocean conditions, as well as data related to cargoes and contracts, on a customised basis for each customer.

Mozambique launched an economic reconstruction programme aimed at liberalising trade and attracting foreign investment after the nation's civil war ended in 1992. Its annual economic growth reached an average of 7.5 percent during the 2000s. The country holds the world's largest estimated reserves of natural gas. MOL already participates in the power plant business in Mozambique.

In addition, its neighbouring country, South Africa, is a prominent emerging nation, representing sub-Saharan Africa, and can expect to see rising demand for energy spurred by economic growth as well as increased transport of completed cars and exports of raw materials.

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