Aug 30, 2018: The 54th edition of the Mozambique Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Fair (FACIM) opened with 2,200 exhibiting companies from both Mozambique and 28 other countries, which specially focused on showcasing the agricultural sector. FACIM, a multi-sectoral trade fair in Mozambique is held from Aug 27 - Sep 03, 2018 and is being organised by the Agency for Investment and Export Promotion (APIEX).

The 11 provinces of Mozambique are represented at FACIM, which this year expects to receive more than 140,000 visitors. FACIM 2018 motto is: “Mozambique and the world: broadening the market, promoting investments, promoting partnerships.”

The fair is intended to be a platform to strengthen the government’s commitment to agriculture, notably through innovative solutions and experiences from abroad in the development of the agricultural chain.

Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario, who inaugurated FACIM, said the event aims to encourage exhibitors and participants to “capitalise on existing business opportunities, particularly in agriculture, tourism, energy and infrastructure, transforming them into concrete commitments and commercial transactions between Mozambique and the rest of the world.”

“We will continue to devote special attention to the segment of small and medium enterprises to continue to increase exports and promote their growth and greater access to international markets,” said Carlos.

PM also said that the government is raising financial resources and favourable conditions with the involvement of financial institutions in order to promote Mozambique’s agricultural marketing process. These measures include a credit guarantee fund provided by Banco Nacional de Investimento (BNI), which will facilitate access to finance for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the production, processing and marketing chains of the agricultural sector and of the cashew subsector.

In the first half of 2018, exports of goods from Mozambique totalled US$2.5 billion, a 42 percent increase when compared with the same period last year.

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