May 31, 2021: Neutral Air Partner’s 5th OPENAP & AGM will be held at the Dubai W – The Palm Hotel from November 14 – 17, 2021.

As per the company release, “Dubai is now officially considered a safe destination with 13.5 million of its population vaccinated at the present moment, and a much higher number forecast for the near future. Hotels are back to 100 percent occupancy and live events are now allowed. This helps in positioning it as a safe tourist and business meeting destination.”

It stated, “Taking into consideration that a large population globally will be vaccinated by end of September, we believe it is a wise decision in the right direction to continue where we left off - networking in person and get as close as to a normal pre-Covid life as we can. As always, we want our members and friends to feel safe and secure when joining our famous NAP events and we have chosen Dubai this year, while the Bali conference has been rolled over for next year on the 5th to 9th of June 2022.”

The event will connect the next generation leaders with innovators around the globe, and promote solution minded discussions and face to face interaction, aiming to set new standards of sophistication for the air cargo logistics community.

OPENAP is the perfect opportunity to promote and launch new products and services and to interact with potential and existing partners and vendors, ideal for anyone looking for tools to raise performance, develop proficiency and acquire extensive knowledge from industry’s experts.

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