Feb 28, 2017: The federal government has approved the appointment of five new Directors and one General Manager for the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

The following are the new directors with their designations who have been appointed to the NCAA:

Group Captain Edem Oyo-Ita (Director of Air Transport Regulations, DATR)Ahmed Abbas Sanusi (Director, Human Resources and Administration, DHR & ADMIN)Bilikisu Adamu Sani, (Director of Finance and Accounts, DFA)Odunowo Tayyib Adetunji (Director of Aerodrome and Airspace Standards, DAAS).Engr.Ita Awak, (Director of Airworthiness Standards, DAWS)Lawrence Mathew Kwajok, (General Manager, Air Navigational Standards, ANS)

According to a statement by General Manager, Public Relations, Sam Adurogboye, all appointments are with immediate effect.

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