Jul 28, 2017: Nile Air has renewed its contract agreement with AJW Group to service its entire A320 fleet, nearly doubling the number of aircraft previously supported. The agreement with the airline includes comprehensive ‘Power by the Hour’ (PBH) support with onsite stock.

Nile Air is the largest and fastest growing private airline in Egypt, operating out of five airports across Egypt and offering services to the wider Middle East, Arabian Gulf, Southern Europe and Africa.

Christopher Whiteside, president and CEO of AJW said, "We are pleased to carry on the partnership with Nile Air as they continue to expand their fleet. The multi-year contract recognises the reputation that AJW has established in the Middle Eastern region and is a testament to our expertise and the value we place on our customer service.”

Mohamed Nagy, technical director at Nile Air, said, “Renewing and expanding our contact with AJW Group was based on our trust of the organisation and we will continue to work with AJW to take advantage of their expertise to ensure the highest rates of operational reliability. The technical expertise and quality customer service provided by the company over the last few years was a major driver behind our decision to select AJW as we continue to grow our airline.”

AJW Group are world leaders in the global management of aircraft spares, providing wide and flexible component coverage, expert advice and world class logistics. Serving a global customer base of more than 1,000 airlines in 117 different countries, AJW is the ideal partner of choice for airlines and MRO organisations.

Photo Source: Tripadvisor