About Us

Logistics Update Africa (LUA) is a bi-monthly trade magazine that brings the most credible news, views and stories of and from Africa about the continent’s vibrant and evolving transport and logistics industries.

Launched in 2011 by the STAT Media Group, LUA endeavors to bring to its readers stories of in-depth research and extensive industry viewpoints to keep you up to speed with one of world’s most promising continent of opportunities for trade and commerce.

LUA aims to put together stories that will let you know the untapped potential of Africa’s economy and the importance of trade the rest of the world should have with this continent of many nations.

At LUA we believe that African economies have tremendous potential to build on their demographic dynamism, rapid urbanization and natural-resources assets. The challenge now for many of them is to ensure that greater insertion into global value chains is achieved and has a positive impact on people’s lives.

We also believe that it is the transport and logistics sector that plays the all important role in facilitating trade and commerce. We will make every effort to bring to readers global best practices in transport and logistics and empower you with knowledge that is relevant, fresh and profitable.

LUA has a circulation of 13,000 copies and readership of close to 41,000 industry professionals from air cargo, sea freight, rail & road transport industries within Africa and Europe. Our Website is updated regularly with the latest transport and logistics news from around the world.

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